Dinosaur Fossil Tiger Saber Tooth Skull Prehistoric Prop Resin Statue


SKU: M0075-100501-H

Size: 15 x 9 x 20 H"
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Here is a great Fossil Dinosaur - Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Bone Replica Fossil Statue. It is made out of high quality fiberglass resin. The Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Bone Decor is a replica that depicts the fossilized remains of the extinct ferocious beast, propped up by a rod connected to a black rectangular base. The prop is made out of lightweight and durable resin, constructed in the Philippines by talented craftsmen. It is fit for home, office, business, or commercial spaces.

Because these are hand made you will find that each item is slightly different, which make each one unique! If you want a photo of the exact item you will receive, please send a note with your order before we ship out the item.