Horse Pony Standing Shetland Statue Display Prop Farm Animal


SKU: A0616-R082-PT

Size: 74 x 18x 54 H"
The Shetland pony is a breed of pony originating in the Shetland Isles. Shetlands range in size from a minimum height of approximately 28 inches to an official maximum height of 42 inches. The Shetland Pony adapted well to their wildly beautiful home. They have “good conversion rates for food” and they even eat the seaweed that washes up on the beach to get nutrients such as minerals to supplement their scant diet. They also have a double coat in winter, which protects them against the harsh winds and cold.This item is NEW, painstakingly hand crafted and hand painted with pride in the Philippines using only the finest quality materials. Truly whimsical home decor masterpieces which offer a variety of functional uses and a broad appeal to collectors of every type. These treasures bring character to any home, office, business or commercial institution.