Teddy Bear Standing Giant Toy Prop Decor Resin Statue


SKU: M0163-0011-T

  • Size: 32 x 28 x 56 H"
  • Did you know that the Teddy Bear was invented in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt? It all began when Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear hunting trip near Onward, Mississippi on November 14, 1902 and refused to participate in the killing of innocent bears calling it, "extremely unsportsmanlike"The articles recounted the story of the president who refused to shoot a bear. A political cartoonist by the name of Clifford Berryman read the article and decided to create a stuffed toy bear and dedicate it to the president who refused to shoot a bear. He called it 'Teddy's Bear'. Truly whimsical home decor masterpieces which offer a variety of functional uses and a broad appeal to collectors of every type. These treasures bring character to any home, office, business or commercial institution.